Zeffer - Graffiti Remover


Rapid & Efficient. Pen, Paint, Ink, Dyes & more

 Zeffer - Graffiti Remover

McKLords Zeffer is one of the very few genuine multi-type graffiti removers on the market. Specially formulated to remove inks, dyes and paint, its phenomenal cleaning power is effective on a multitude of surfaces such as metal, brick, stone, concrete etc.


Products of this strength  normally have associated health and safety issues, yet Zeffer is one of the safest products of this type available.


McKLords Zeffer is simply sprayed or poured onto the surface to be cleaned, left to dwell for a short period before wiping off  with a clean cloth. It is soluble in water, acetone, ether and most organic solvents so can easily be washed off.

Feature & Benefits

  • Genuine multi-type graffiti remover.
  • Suitable for most surfaces.
  • Formulated to remove inks, dyes and paint.
  • Can be washed off with water.
  • Manufactured in accordance with British Quality Standard ISO9001:2000

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