Bitukey - Tar & Bitumen Remover


Fast acting - Disolves tar & bitumen - domestic or industrial use

 Bitukey - Tar & Bitumen Remover

A super strength product for fast removal of tar and bitumen. For domestic or industrial use. Ideal for using on cars and lorries, roads, driveways and paths, road making machinery, tankers, rakes, brooms, ladders, masonry surfaces etc. Ideal for the removal of a wide variety of adhesives and other general cleaning jobs where a tough solvent is required.


Feature & Benefits

  • Domestic and industrial use
  • Cars, mororcycles and lorries
  • Paths, drives and roads
  • Cuts through tar & bitumen
  • Breaks down adhesives
  • Spray or brush on application
  • Easy to use
  • Washes off with soapy water

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