Breakthrough - Heavy Duty Cleaner


Industrial strength, multi-purpose cleaning agent

 Breakthrough - Heavy Duty Cleaner

McKLords Breakthrough is an advanced, highly concentrated, industrial strength, heavy duty cleaning formulation.  It is very versatile, economical and easy to use.

McKLords Breakthrough has the ability to tackle most heavy duty industrial cleaning and maintenance tasks, thus eliminating the use of many different products for individual jobs.  It is ideal for use where speed and efficiency are important and as a result helps to keep costs to a minimum.

McKLords Breakthrough has the ability of a hydrocarbon solvent to penetrate and soften hydrocarbons but combines this with the ability to form aqueous solutions that can be easily washed off. 

The penetrating powers of McKLords Breakthrough are second to none, enabling it to tackle the most severe contamination on just about any surface.

McKLords Breakthrough is used for the cleaning of floors, vehicles, painted surfaces, nylon, plastic. cladding, gantries, concrete, fibre-glass, metal, even tarmac - just about everything from oil cans to oil rigs, handling even the most extreme contamination with remarkable ease.

• Ideal for use through pressure equipment, hot or cold, and helps to reduce scaling.
• It may be applied mechanically or manually, and due to its low dwell time, only seconds are required, making it ideal for mopping or spraying.


Feature & Benefits

  • Limited environmental impact - fully biodegradable
  • Miscible with water (according to use) - huge cost saving available depending upon use. Not affected by hard or soft water. Performance is not affected if diluted with salt water.
  • Contains no metasilicates (these can cause streaking, damage to glass and leave white powdery deposits)
  • Non flammable
  • Non corrosive
  • Non abrasive
  • Manufactured in accordance with British Quality Standard ISO9001:2000

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